Here We Go

I am a writer emerging into the world of publishing and emerging into believing in myself as a human with stories worth sharing. I am glad you’re here.

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The Bridge: A Ghost Story

At thirteen, Samantha decided she was too old to go trick-or-treating.  She came to this determination when the popular girls giggled after overhearing her tell her friends she was dressing up as a witch.  Not a sexy witch, but a black hat and green nose witch; the kind of witch Puritans burned at the stake. … Continue reading The Bridge: A Ghost Story

Mommy Guilt

I am in a low-residency MFA program, so most of my course work is done independently and packets of critical and creative work is turned in once a month to my faculty advisor.  Once a semester, about every six months, the faculty and students meet on campus for a ten-day intensive residency, although, so far,… Continue reading Mommy Guilt

100 Word Essay

A Writer With Kids In Virtual School During a Pandemic I never realized how many words I would have to spell.  I have so many words that live inside of me, swirling until they convalesce into sentences.  I dream in words, beautiful symphonies of letters ordered to create something profound.  Yet, spelling them is probably… Continue reading 100 Word Essay

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